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Isaiah F. Makes $10k His First Month As A Closer

Isaiah had already had experience knocking doors, but had next to no success. It was frustrating, exhausting and he didn't think he would see success. He started to think that D2D sales honestly wasn't for him.

When he was presented with the unique way that the D2D sales organizations were run, he absolutely loved it and he loved the results that these companies were getting. He saw the comp structure and he met the team. He fell in love with the culture in this space! His first month, he cleared $10,000 in commissions earned and is on track to hit $20,000 in the coming months!

To the left is a snapshot into Isaiah's earnings at the end of his first few months ($60,000)!

Ben B. Is On Track To Hit a $15,000 month after a ramp up of 4-6 months!

Ben had been teaching tennis lessons making a decent hourly wage. Although he loved teaching, he always excelled most in interacting with people. He realized that what he was best at was sales! He didn't want to have to keep working hourly wage.

Instead, he wanted to make high commission rates to put him ahead on his financial path and develop a his selling ability. When Ben joined the D2D Space, he was immediately impressed with how fast and how well he was paid as a closer. He had a learning curve to go through initially since he had to learn about the product and company but he had the weekly meetings, training, and even live recordings that helped him ramp up quicker. Ben is on track to hit a $15,000 month!

To the left is a snapshots of Ben's commissions for deals closed

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We believe that every homeowner deserves the chance to revive their home with high-quality, energy-efficient windows at an affordable price.

Here at Revival, we obsess over quality products, installation, and warranty. Our windows are designed to increase the curb appeal, value, and functionality of your home all while lowering your energy bills. How cool is that!?

We don't advertise using conventional methods such as radio, TV, billboards, and print ads. Rather, we focus our efforts and resources on providing you with such an amazing window replacement experience that you will share your positive experience both online and with your neighbors, family, and friends.

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